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We Help B2B SaaS Companies Scale Into the Six Figures and Beyond

Join dozens of other successful SaaS founders  + other B2B entrepreneurs

Are you an early stage SaaS founder?


Or an online entrepreneur selling
a product that’s high ticket? 

Do you struggle with:

  • Winning your first few clients?

  • Building a repeatable process so you don’t have to rely on your personal network for new business?

  • Filling your calendar with qualified sales meetings?

  • Closing your existing pipeline? 

  • Automating + delegating your funnel so that you can remove yourself from the process and scale? 


How Can I Help You?

By helping you craft a personalized and successful sales process.

Growth Systemz helps SaaS and other online entrepreneurs with high ticket offers ($2,000+ product price) grow their sales by building them a repeatable sales process that is tailored to your business.

I will help you lay the groundwork to scale your business past $10,000 in MRR. 
Check out the videos below for real examples of how I can help you achieve your growth goals:

“We closed our first five clients  and landed our pre-seed round in three months.”

Thomas runs a SaaS business helping companies and their employees get the most out of their perk programs. 

Before working together Thomas's approach to outbound was scattered and unfocused. We were able to help him fill his pipeline with qualified buyers by improving messaging + approach and scaling up activity levels with automation tools. 

The next challenge we tackled was building a sales process in order to close the existing pipeline. Focusing primarily on improving his discovery process in order to have a more personalized and relevant pitch.  

In the first three months Thomas was able to convert 5 of these deals into paying customers. The improved traction for his offering helped him in his goal of landing a multi-six figure pre-seed round. 

Now he's focused primarily on delegating and ramping things up by building a sales team. 

Revenue Drivers is a management consulting firm that helps older + antiquated businesses digitize their existing sales processes. 

Working closely with Christian we were able to validate his niche and land his first few initial clients in two months of working together. 


From there we focused on scaling up outreach activity + building inbound lead channels + and introducing more automation into his existing processes. 

This resulted in bringing in 250k worth of cold business in the first 6 months of working together. 

“We went from 0-250k ARR in 6 months.”

“We went from 0-10 customers in three months.”

Sreesh started a SaaS company called Stackshine to help companies discover, track, and manage their software subscriptions on one platform. 


Before working with Growth Systemz Sreesh and his team was mostly focused on product development and hadn’t brought on a single paying client. 


Starting from the group up we focused initially on building repeatable and high converting outbound campaigns, and creating a strong script to bring clients across the finish line. This resulted in Stackshine closing their first 10 customers within the first three months of working together. 


We’re continuing to work with Stackshine to help them scale their revenue through more automation and delegation. This includes building a more robust software stack, generating scalable marketing material, and building an early stage sales team.

Avi and his partner Steven both run a business that sells personal protective equipment to health care providers across North America. 

During the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) their market opened up to include the private sector. 

Before signing on with Growth Systemz (formerly dynasty consulting) Avi and Steven relied mostly on their personal network + referrals to land the majority of their new business. 

Within the first month of working together they were able to build and validate a mixed strategy of automated and personalized cold email outreach. By the end of this month they were consistently booking 10 meetings per week and had already closed their first two deals. 

The next goal they focused on was achieving scale. With our help they hired a team of 3 virtual assistants and grew Cytis’s revenue by 45% IN THEIR SECOND MONTH.

“We were able to build a team and grow our revenue over 45% in the second month."

““We closed three new clients from meetings booked in the past two weeks.”

Overlap is a SaaS platform that provides teams direct access to sustainability expertise. 

Before working with Growth Systemz (formerly Dynasty Consulting) Saami had developed a platform and had successfully on-boarded dozens of experts and consultants in the sustainability space.


But he was still struggling to land a single paying client to engage with the marketplace + community he'd built. 

After some iteration we were able to build outreach approaches that consistently booked 3-5 qualified meetings per week, and a pitch that achieved a 25% closing rate.

Going forward we'll be focused on scaling by introducing more automation into Overlap's existing sales process with a more robust tech stack. 

Fylamynt is a SaaS platform that helps SRE and DevOps engineers automate a large portion of their daily manual tasks. 

Before working with us, Pradeep and his team had been heads down focused on product development. As a result sales + marketing had fallen by the wayside. 

Working together we were able to fill his calendar with qualified prospects. This lead to Fylamynt closing their first client with an enterprise level software company within the first month of working together. 

From there we focused on scaling up activity levels by through delegation and investing more into marketing in order to build more credibility and shorten the sales cycle. 

“We booked our first POC client with an enterprise level company in month one.”

Alex has a computer service company that helps series A + B backed companies hit their product deadlines through staff augmentation. 

For the past six years before working with Growth Systemz (formerly dynasty consulting) Alex relied on his personal network to find new business. Since he didn't know where his next client was coming from he couldn't scale and grow his team. 


Alex had taken on a few consulting engagements with little to no results, he found that most courses/consultants were too vague and theoretical. 

We're looking forward to continuing to help Alex hit his growth goals.

“Most in-depth and tactical consulting engagement I've experienced.”

Rick sells a SaaS product that helps small businesses achieve operational excellence so that they can optimize for growth. 

Rick had developed a strong offering by working with clients that he sourced from his internal network. 

He was looking for ways to begin to scale and ramp things up on the customer acquisition side. But he had done months of outreach by himself with little results. 


We helped him narrow down on the approach + messaging that his niche would actually respond to, and introduced a lot more automation into his existing outreach process. 


Rick is now averaging over 5 booked meetings per week with prospects in his niche while only investing around an hour per day into maintaining + managing campaigns. 

"We were able to consistently book 5 qualified meetings per week 


 We are here to share with you the exact concepts + practices to help you build a sales process allowing you to consistently generate revenue on a monthly basis. 


Ready To Talk?

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You can book time for a chat directly into our calendar. 

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