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Your coach is dedicated to helping you build smarter, more strategic sales processes to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Founder and Coach

I’m not a natural born salesperson. 

In fact, to this day I would still classify myself as introverted. I was what some people would call a “nerd” growing up. I would have rather spent my time playing video games than playing sports or reading books instead of making new friends. I enjoyed getting lost in my own world of imagination and wonder.

After graduating from university, I decided to take a massive step outside my comfort zone and chose a career path that forced me to be extroverted. This led me into the world of software sales. The first company I joined was a small three-person SaaS Start-up, and we were selling to facility managers to help them track the maintenance requirements of their buildings. In one years time, the only success I would have would be closing a single deal worth a measly $10,000. 

But I didn’t give up there. I would have another opportunity to prove myself after I joined a different software company called Plasticity Labs. We sold to CEOs of small companies and HR Managers at larger companies a platform that helped them monitor the mental health of their employees.


When I first joined, I was the only sales rep, but in a few months time I would be leading a team of three. In a year and half, we would grow Plasticity’s revenue from $100,000 to over $1,100,00 in annual recurring revenue. Some personal highlights included working with Lululemon, The Bank of Georgia, and the Canadian Coast Guard. 


I wanted to further flush out my sales abilities so I left my leadership role at Plasticity to join a San Francisco based startup called Hired. During my time at Hired I would become one of the top performing representatives out of a team of 20, bringing in $500,000 in ARR in a year. 


One of my responsibilities at Hired was to train new employees for success in their sales role. I enjoyed watching as my teammates began to get results with the strategies that I taught them.


It was during this time that the idea for Growth Systemz was born. Inspired by the success of my team at Plasticity and Hired, I embarked upon a journey to help early stage founders land their first few clients, and build their own predictable sales process. Eventually my time at Hired came to an end and I could focus on Growth Systemz full time. 


During my time in the world of start-ups, I’ve seen so many brilliant ideas fail simply because their founders didn’t know how to sell. It can be difficult for founders to learn how to do this if they’ve never sold a product before. They don’t have the time to learn this by themselves, and hiring a growth leader would be too expensive at this stage.



If they don’t learn how to sell they will never get their business off the ground, and see their ideas come to fruition. They can’t build a valuable product without the feedback that current customers provide. They won’t be able to train a sales team if they don’t already have a rinse and repeat process. They’ll never be able to build effective marketing content without first understanding why their niche buys in the first place. Funding will continue to be elusive so long as they can’t prove that they can consistently generate customers. 



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